Establishing Habits for a Productive Life

Strengthening Your Self-Control

Now that classes are kicking into high gear and my schedule is getting more and more packed, I’m starting to slack off in my eating habits.  I think the main problem is that when I’m rushing around, I tend to grab whatever snack is near me and eat on the go.  With this lack of awareness surrounding exactly how much I’m eating (not to mention what the food even tastes like), I’m eating many more calories than I normally would. Late nights are especially dangerous for me, as eating becomes a coping mechanism to help me stay awake and keep me entertained when I’m doing work I don’t particularly enjoy.

Perhaps all I need to do is inject a little more consciousness into my eating habits: stop and think about if I’m really hungry, if I really need this food (or if I’m just eating it because it’s there), and how I might feel afterwards.  In other words, begin “journaling the 3 D’s” (see below).



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